Lima Bean Usage and Nutrition Facts

lima beans nutrition facts

Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus L.) are sometimes called “butter beans” primarily because of the starchy, buttery texture. The beans have a subtle flavor that compliments different dishes. Lima beans have …

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What is the Pescatarian Diet?

pescatarian diet

The pescatarian diet is a vegan diet that includes fish and other seafood/aquatic animals. “Pesce” is an Italian word meaning fish, so people who have fish in their vegan diet …

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What is the Sugar Busters Diet?

sugar busters diet

A sugar busters diet is based on elimination of high glycemic index foods and refined carbohydrates to help lose weight. Just as the name suggests, individuals following the sugar busters …

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What is the Kimkins Diet?

kimkins diet

The Kimkins diet is a low-carb and very low-calorie diet. It is a highly restrictive eating program for weight loss designed by low carbohydrate advocates. This diet is extremely low …

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Macrobiotic Diet

macrobiotic diet

The macrobiotic diet is largely a vegetarian lifestyle known to promote longevity and improve health. The diet is focused on vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. While most people follow this …

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