What is Bittermelon about?

Bittermelon is a knowledge hub for all things related to living a healthier, fuller, and happier life. Whether you’re new to the subject or are painfully familiar with it, there will be something interesting here for everyone.

At Bittermelon, we cover all areas of healthy eating, from lifestyle changes and dieting to the nutritional makeup of different foods and more. We are, above all else, a friendly community that wants to spread knowledge and experience so everyone can benefit. And we make it our aim to make [site name] the only place you will ever need to visit when searching for nutrition-related information.

The folks behind Bittermelon

We always emphasize that Bittermelon isn’t just your regular recipe blog. The founding members and editors of the team have one way or another gained deep knowledge of the food we consume. And so our goal has always been more than just to tell you what to eat.

We want to share the science of what you eat, so our readers can make those decisions on their own, from an educated and well-informed place.