What is the Yoli Diet?

yoli diet

The Yoli diet also known as the Yoli Better Body System, is an extensive range of supplement products created to help users work towards optimal health.[i] These products are promoted …

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Lima Bean Usage and Nutrition Facts

lima beans nutrition facts

Lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus L.) are sometimes called “butter beans” primarily because of the starchy, buttery texture. The beans have a subtle flavor that compliments different dishes. Lima beans have …

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Macrobiotic Diet

macrobiotic diet

The macrobiotic diet is largely a vegetarian lifestyle known to promote longevity and improve health. The diet is focused on vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. While most people follow this …

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Iodine Health Benefits


Iodine is an essential trace mineral, meaning the body needs it to function properly. The body can’t produce it on its own – you must consume this mineral through the …

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